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Bild som visar båtar i hamnen på Hälsö brygga utanför Göteborg

Welcome to Hälsö Brygga!

A gem in the Gothenburg archipelago.

On Hälsö in the Gothenburg archipelago, is a "Koksebo", which has now been converted and renovated into a café with fantastic food, wonderful pastries and a dash of live music!

Uteservering med utsikt mot havet på Halsö Brygga
Logotyp hälsö brygga vit
Glass med våfflor och jordgubbar på Våffelhamnen
Våffelhamnen logotyp vit
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Drönarbild över hamnen med hus, vatten och båtar samt café och hamnbutik Hälsö Brygga


Food, joy and good meetings.

At Hälsö Brygga, we are driven by a great passion for food and pleasant meetings. In addition, we have also expanded our business with Våffelhamnen, which is an ice cream café with a twist. We hope that you who visit us leave with a wonderful feeling in your body and a smile on your face. For us, the guest experience is in focus and we promise to do our utmost to make you happy. Welcome!

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